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Welcome, to Secret Supper Club!

Secret Supper Club is a members-only private supper club founded in 2020 in response to rules & regulations that decimated the Food Service Industry and continue to criminalize the use of plant medicines.

We are currently working to expand our private cannabis-infused supper club experience to serve members nationwide. 

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Our Mission:

We aim to reunite friends, foodies & revolutionaries alike!

Join us for our signature 12-course cannabis-infused Chef’s Tasting Menu complete with craft cocktails and wine pairings. We use only the finest ingredients available to deliver an unrivaled cannabis-infused tasting experience.

Local | Sustainable | Fresh.  


Members can expect an intimate evening with like-minded shapers, innovators, and creators, as they embark on a 12-course Chef’s Tasting Menu complete with masterful beverage pairings and gently elevated with an, accept of cannabis.

Each supper is approx. 10-20 members depending on the venue and menu for the evening. 

Each plate is expertly dosed according to personal tolerance thresholds — our goal is to accent each dish with cannabis.

We take every precaution to never leave our guests feeling overwhelmed, but if you’d like to travel the stars — we’re more than happy to accommodate.


Q: How much is a ticket to a Secret Supper Club meeting?

A: Tickets are $295 for new members.

Q: How do I attend SSC?

A: Given the nature of SSC, this is an exclusive Members Only social club. Everyone is welcome to apply by completing this form.

Q: Where is SSC?

A: We are currently hosting meetings in the Los Angeles and Miami metropolitan areas. Specific locations are closely guarded for the privacy and protection of our members.

Q: What is a supper club?

A: A supper club is a social dining function featuring carefully curated menus and beverage pairings. Supper clubs are often restricted to members only, and locations are kept secret so as to function as an underground society.