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This allows us the ability to collaborate with your company or organization throughout the entire brand strategy process.  

We don’t stop until you succeed. That means, we are standing by with expert advice from specialists in formulation, content creation, brand strategy, and deployment planning. Our team of experts is committed to your product’s success. 

In essence, we forge the strategy in collaboration with you and support your brand platform with unparalleled expertise in this industry. 

Leveraging our network and diverse experience, we have ready-to-go solutions to make the magic happen for your go-to-market strategy and product launch. 

Each consultation agreement is custom-tailored to the level of involvement that best meets your needs, expectations, and budget. 

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We have partnered with some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking companies to make your experience truly special.

Easy-Fresh Next units from Irinox Blast Chillers and shock freezers.

Industry Innovation with IRINOX

Irinox has introduced the concepts of rapid cold and high-quality preservation in the world of catering, pastry, ice cream, and bread-making.

Irinox products have brought disruptive innovation to the food industry across the globe…

AND now the cannabis industry welcomes Irinox through a partnership with The Herbal Chef!

The Herbal Chef is proud to announce our partnership with Unox Ovens!

Unox presents a wide range of kitchen solutions that embody their belief that both science and passion are at the core of each successful business.

Explore all that Unox has to offer:

Ovens, Evero, and more! 

Designed to build your success.

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We’re here to make your vision a reality. Reach out today to start the conversation with our creative specialists.

Our team specializes in high-quality content creation to help you take your brand from concept to market!

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Extends Shelf Life | Sealed Fresh | Reduce Waste

What's Happening:

 Right now there is a pandemic across the world that is stopping commerce in its tracks. It is prohibiting people from traveling, working, and keeping their businesses open especially in the Service Industry.

Many chains and independent restaurant groups are trying to stay open in some form so they can make it through this financially devastating period. They have turned to delivery services to provide family and individual meals direct to consumers throughout the globe.

The Problem:

Most of the restaurants that stay open are doing so by offering delivery and to-go menu items out of restaurants and menu’s that were not prepared to do so. Some to-go ware can be expensive and all of them do not have the ability to heat up in the oven.

This means that only fresh food can be sold and has a shelf life of 3-4 days maximum. Not to mention since restaurants are selling direct to consumers, it is important to note that some folks only have a microwave, an oven, or a stovetop, not all are accessible to the average consumer.

The Solution:

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The Meal Deal

Innovative Food Packaging Solutions


Our chefs are constantly on the road serving fine dining cuisine to some of the world’s most critical taste buds.

Every meal must exceed guest expectations – no matter the menu, environment, or other underlying circumstances. Event menus often boast a challenging range of plates and ingredients, including frozen, chilled, warmed, raw, par-baked, and fully cooked items that must be transported to the field without sacrificing quality. 

These 10×10 vacuum-sealer meal bags have been a lifesaver!

The Herbal Chef meal bags allow our chefs the ability to optimize their prep-time and seal in the freshness before they’re ever in the field! We’ve seen a tremendous uptick in positive reviews as our chefs can now spend more time interacting with guests and less time prepping.

Meal bags are BPA FREE  and can be safely frozen and reheated up to 400F degrees via oven, microwave, or hot water – adding versatility to any prep-line without shrinkage or product loss!

The wide-ranging functionality afforded by our multi-purpose vacuum-sealing Meal Bags makes them a great solution for restaurants, carryout/delivery, meal plans, catering, foodservice operations, schools, colleges, hospitals, and corporate dining.

Meal Bags are a MUST to combat the challenges the foodservice industry must endure in the face of COVID-19 imposed regulations.

10"x10" MealBags

1,000 bags per box
$ 265
  • Simply package the meals and provide the easy to follow reheating instructions!
best value

10"x10" MealBags

500 bags per box
$ 155
  • Simply package the meals and provide the easy to follow reheating instructions!
Great Value

10"x10" MealBags

250 bags per box
$ 88
  • Simply package the meals and provide the easy to follow reheating instructions!

Extend Your Product's Shelf Life!

The Herbal Chef meal bags will add LIFE to your meals!

Sous-vide, Meat Tenderizing, Flavor Infusion, and Extending Product Shelf Life! 

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