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Dear Applicant,

First off we would like to thank you for taking the time to go through this application process.  We know that no one likes this part, but we believe that it is necessary to curate a group of like-minded individuals that will enjoy these types of experiences together in a safe, secluded space. 

In the current economic climate, we are seeing small businesses drop like a 3-day old fruit fly.  It seems that there has been a war waged upon small businesses with the brunt of the hit being taken by the restaurant industry.  Many restaurants have closed, and those that we’re able to endure the first few months of a worldwide lockdown are slowly coming to their demise. It is eerily similar to the restrictions placed upon alcohol during prohibition.  



A Cocktail with A Beautiful Garnish

With that said, this is our big “fuck you” to the system.  

Part speakeasy, part weekly hole in the wall bar, part extraordinary cuisine, and part cannabis smoking lounge. As you walk through the garden and make your way to the secret door of the Jackrabbits Lair, anticipation will build.

You can expect a ridiculous display of exquisite culinary art that is as visually intriguing as it is delicious, unfolding right before your eyes in our outdoor kitchen and bar. Our Chefs will be cooking and plating right in front of you for the best Chef’s table experience an adventurous foodie could ask for. Served along with an incredible cocktail menu that is all-inclusive for the evening with the drink package made by our incredible mixologists on staff. Finishing the evening with an array of cannabis delights if you so choose to indulge.

You can treat this membership as a secret club of individuals that want to socialize in a safe environment. 

In addition, there will be online resources and exclusive content that develops over time with your membership.  All of this can be accessed through your Supper Club Portal should you be accepted.


Finally…a warning.  The food and beverages being served are a labor of love and extreme talent.  You are at the will of the creator in this food-venture. You will have an option to submit allergies only, which doesn’t include ‘dislikes’.  If that is something you are uncomfortable with, we suggest you do not apply for entry.  Every evening, you will be asked to use your brain for entry with a puzzle, rest assured, that you will be able to relax for the rest of the evening from complex thought if you so choose. 

We sincerely thank you for your inquiry and we hope to serve as a safe space for you to enjoy yourself.

– Chris Sayegh CEO & Founder

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