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Customized Meal Preparation

Goal and Need Assessment  |  Customized Menu

A Collaborative Approach

The Herbal Chef services include customized meal preparations created by our team of experts including but not limited to, chefs, naturopathic physicians, registered dieticians and nutritionists.  Our collaborative approach to creating these meals ensures that our meals best meet your individual nutritional needs and goals. Whether you are a patient or athlete in recovery, wanting to get better performance results in training or just being health conscious, we can help you achieve your goals through our personalized meal programs.

Customized Nutrition Solutions

The Herbal Chef Meal Prep Approach:

Step 1:

Perform a goals and needs assessment which helps us align the best options for you. During this step, we work with you to better understand your nutritional needs, dietary restrictions and identify the best meal service package to achieve your goals.

Step 2:

Once aligned on the above and goals, our team creates a menu for your review and feedback. We then make any menu adjustments and agree upon a delivery and feedback schedule. We highly encourage a month-long menu plan to ensure that we are maintaining consistency and exceeding your expectations.

Step 3:

Your journey towards your health and wellness goals begins! The Herbal Chef wholeheartedly believes in continuous feedback and improvement. We will maintain close contact with you and look for your feedback to stay up-to-date on your preferences, likes and dislikes.