How To Hire A Chef Near You:

Meat, vegetables, and various herbs and spices on a wood table.

You’ve decided to hire a chef for your next event. You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re planning a private dinner for two, a large corporate party, or a strict meal plan for increased athletic performance – we’ve got you covered! 

We understand planning an event, no matter the size, can be a big responsibility. For that reason, we put together this brief guide for planning your next event and hiring a chef to match.

To begin planning an event, it’s important to note the critical details: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Use this timeless line of questioning to help choose between a Private Dining, Corporate Event Catering, or Meal Prep offerings from The Herbal Chef culinary platform.

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Planning Your Perfect Dinner Party:

“Who?” – Guest List

Begin your event planning by first finalizing your guest list.

This ensures an accurate quote when reaching out to vendors and puts your mind at ease when you’re confident with the final count.

“What?” – Menu Planning

In this case, “what are we eating?” The next step is to work through your guest list and note any dietary limitations – make note of cultural and dietary restrictions.

With clearly defined boundaries, your chef will be delighted to craft a custom-tailored experience to be enjoyed by all. 

“When & Where?” – Date & Location

More commonly you’ll see this referred to as “occupancy and availability.” Limitations are at an all-time high with restrictions in much of the modern world. Refer back to your guest list when considering the size, location, and capabilities of the venue. 

Keep in mind that great food and great people are what truly make an event a success.

“Why?” – Theme

This is your reason for hosting the event.

A Holiday Dinner Party? A Year’s End Awards Banquet? A Privately Catered Birthday celebration? Or maybe an intimate long-overdue candle-lit dinner for two?

A clearly defined focus will help to choose a theme that matches your desired outcome.

“How?” – The Herbal Chef

If you’ve read this far you’re well on your way to a critically acclaimed dining success!

And now the question must be asked: “Haven’t you done enough?”

The Herbal Chef Promise:

Each meal is an opportunity to reconnect and re-experience the world we live in.

It is our promise to deliver a dining experience, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
The freshest ingredients. The purest cannabis. Unrelenting attention to detail.

“The imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere.”

– Terence McKenna

"Just as we treat a glass of wine with dinner, that is how I'm treating cannabis - as an accent to the meal." The Herbal Chef


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Private Dining

Modern Cuisine + Cannabis Infusion = Elevated Dining

Is your next event your best yet?

Birthday Parties, Holiday Dinner Parties, Vacation Catering, Anniversary Dinners.

Our unrivaled expertise in creating cannabis-infused (or non-infused) experiences has received high praise from famous artists, actors, corporate executives, and curious food enthusiasts worldwide. 

Your personal chef is standing by. We can’t wait to cook for you!

Event Catering

Great Events Start With Great Food.

Now Serving: Innovators. Creators. Shapers.

We salute those who work hard to deliver a better tomorrow.

Conferences, Team Building Retreats, Board Meetings, Stake Holder Events.

It is our privilege to provide your team with a meal that rewards their accomplishments!

The Herbal Chef will customize any event to deliver a dining experience that incorporates all the decadence you could desire. World-class mixologists, infused-edibles, and unique menu options will have your colleagues asking when the next event is!

As industry leaders in cannabis-infused modern cuisine, The Herbal Chef is the trusted authority for non-traditional corporate catering. 

Escape To Luxury

Reserve the services of an Herbal Chef to accompany you on your next destination escape.  

World-class meals prepared with fresh and local flavors from the comfort of your vacation home.

Meal Prep

A goal is nothing without a plan.

Apples, water bottles, and a pre-prepped meal.

A Collaborative Approach

The Herbal Chef services include customized meal preparations created by our team of experts including but not limited to, chefs, naturopathic physicians, registered dieticians, and nutritionists. 

Our collaborative approach to creating these meals ensures that our meals best meet your individual nutritional needs and goals.

Whether you are a patient or athlete in recovery, wanting to get better performance results in training, or just being health conscious, we can help you achieve your goals through our personalized meal programs.

It starts with a plan.

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*We offer CBD, THC, and non-infused dining options