Our Mission

The Herbal Chef is a culinary platform founded by Chef Christopher Sayegh to help de-stigmatize the world of plant medicine through modern cuisine. 

Through the years The Herbal Chef has become an important part of the infrastructure of the legal Cannabis landscape in the Food and Beverage sector.

  Our platform has grown to include highly trained and accomplished Chefs that serve as an asset to the brands, manufacturers, and license holders across the globe.  

Questions & Answers

Personal Chefs, Private Dining, Holiday Event Catering, Corporate Party Catering, We offer a wide range of culinary services that can accommodate events of any scale. Whether you’re looking for a personal chef to join you on an exotic getaway, or a catering team to provide services for a large event. Check our hire-a-chef page for more information.

A: The cost of hiring a private chef varies and is largely dependent upon the details of the event the chef is hired to oversee. Start the process by visiting our hire-a-chef page for more details on the type of event you’re after. 

A: While we specialize in THC and CBD infused meals – cooking with cannabis is an accessory to our already incredible Avante Garde modern cuisine. 

A: Our culinary hubs are strategically positioned across North America to ensure that there is always an Herbal Chef near you! Our chefs regularly service Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Miami, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., San Francisco, and everywhere in between! 

What is A Certified Herbal Chef?

An Herbal Chef is first and foremost a highly trained culinary professional. Our chefs are held to the highest standard of culinary excellence.

Secondly, our chefs are trained and certified to be experts in the art of cooking with plant medicine. Each Herbal Chef is highly skilled in proper dosage techniques for THC and CBD infusion.

Finally, our chefs embrace the challenge of crafting a personalized menu tailored specifically to meet your event party’s requirements. 

Each bite is a landmark as our menu guides your palette on a culinary adventure it won’t soon forget.

The Team

Working To Change The Culinary Landscape

Our team at The Herbal Chef takes pride in a commitment to excellence.

Our network of world-renowned Chefs and Hospitality professionals spanning from across the globe has banned together in an effort to destigmatize plant medicine and change the culinary landscape. 

Meet the team behind The Herbal Chef platform.


Professionals Chainging The Culinary Landscape

Chris Sayegh

Executive Chef | CEO

Christopher Sayegh is a world-renowned Chef that has gained popularity in the last 5 years for his unique take on utilizing ancient plant medicines in modern cuisine.  This led him to launch the now globally operating company, The Herbal Chef in 2014. 

Introductory profile picture for The Herbal Chef team member Jared Ventura.

Jared Ventura

Executive Chef | Los Angeles

Chef Jared Ventura credits much of his passion for cooking to his Sicilian grandparents. He fondly remembers spending his childhood at their home eating fresh pasta, fresh-baked loaves of bread, house-made charcuteries, and pretty bad backyard Chianti.

After graduating from culinary school, he worked through mostly Italian and French kitchens before eventually landing at Studio Montage Laguna Beach, where his passion for fine dining grew and continues to grow each day.

Headshot For Bradley Fry Beverage Director at The Herbal Chef

Bradley Fry

Beverage Director | Los Angeles

Raised on his family’s farm in Southern Illinois, with deep roots to the earth, Brad has always had a passion for nature and nurture.

He honed his skills after years of bar-trade in Chicago, then moved west only to refine and further himself.

Following his passion, he soon found his place as the Beverage Director here at The Herbal Chef, not looking back.

Chef Yossel Backman

Yossel Backman

Executive Chef | New York

Yossel Backman is the Executive Chef and owner of YB Events & Co. From his mother’s kitchen to world renowned culinary establishments, he is well trained and educated. His experience in fine dining and hospitality has led him on a journey through Michelin starred restaurants to exclusive private events, anytime anywhere! 

Chef Yossel is bringing creative kosher culinary experiences to your home or whichever corner of the world your travels or vacations may take you! Whether a Shabbat or holiday meal or a gourmet chefs 9 to 12 course tasting menu with unique wine pairings, we’ve got you covered!

What’s On The Menu?

Our certified Herbal Chef’s are standing by with mouth-watering edibles, delectable desserts, and hand-crafted cocktails that will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew.

Start planning your next dinner party by consulting our FREE guide to Event Planning & Hiring A Chef!

Your personal chef is standing by. We can’t wait to cook for you!


Professionals Changing the Culinary Landscape

Jack Goldberg

Culinary SVC. Director

Headshot For Hunter Vanderpool Growth Marketer at The Herbal Chef

Hunter Vanderpool

Digital Strategies

Expert Edible Consultants

It starts with an idea.

Our team of experts is here to help you take your idea from the kitchen to the manufacturing line and ultimately on the shelves as a finished product. 

Save time, money, and other precious resources by hiring the experts at The Herbal Chef.

Community Involvement

The Herbal Chef works with our grassroots base of over 50,000 members to effect change using public education and direct advocacy at the local, state, and federal level.

Charity Funds Raised
People Fed
People Nurtured

Legal Counsel

As far as grassroots patient advocacy goes, no group does more for the medical cannabis movement than The Herbal Chef legal counsel.  

Now that adult-use cannabis legalization is becoming more popular, care must be taken to ensure that medical cannabis patients still receive an appropriate quality of care and protection under the law. Local Herbal Chef chapters engage and empower patient communities to advocate for dispensary access and other beneficial neighborhood policies.

It starts with a plan.