Day: September 16, 2021

Can Indulging Be Good For Us?

Indulging in rich, delicious foods gets a bad rap. In our diet-obsessed culture, we see high fat, high sugar foods as the enemy to perfectly chiseled abs and right swipes on Bumble. We crave chocolate, but fear its love handle producing effects. We salivate over pizza porn on Instagram, but deny ourselves the pleasure of having a slice when we’re in the mood. All in the name of “health.”

7 Self Care Tips for Cultivating a Happier You

You might have seen “self-care” memes and accounts scattered across your social media. It’s buzzy, it’s in the zeitgeist, and it’s actually really fucking important. “Self-care is what a person does to stay both physically and mentally healthy…

What Are Plant Medicines?

Herbalism and plant medicines are the original CVS. Before modern medicine, humans relied on the village’s Traditional Healers to source medicinal herbs to help the human body heal itself from a whole host of issues. Whereas now we have IV drips and Erewhon, our ancestors used roots and leaves to ease a headache or ward off infections — herbal medicines are still effective today.