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Patient Appreciation: Carly Goebel

When we first started The Herbal Chef, our main vision was to help make a positive impact on the world through our medium- food.  During a diner THC had done for a group of patients we work with that are part of the 420 Support Group started by our good friend Tony, the team came […]

Charity Dinner @LABART Gallery Oct 30th!

  I am incredibly excited to announce The Herbal Chefs first public event to raise awareness for the benefits of Medical Marijuana and Cancer! With the recent news from the National Cancer Research Institute saying clinical trials show Marijuana kills cancer cells (http://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/cam/patient/cannabis-pdq) it is the perfect time to get the general public on board […]

Edibles: To Regulate or Not to Reguate?

Our glorious Golden State has turned green; it’s about time! Along with all of the new dispensaries, extraction methods, strains, and so on comes a new set of regulations. Colorado was the first to set precedence in the marijuana regulatory standard realm, and I must admit- we can do better. Colorado’s board of regulators have […]